Forever Friends

This is a current work in progress.  I am pleased to now have the dust jacket ready for everyone to read, but I’m not sure on the cover art.  Right now I have a pretty video for you to look at.  Anyway, here’s the dust jacket:

Have you ever dreamed about finding your soul mate?  Do you think you’d recognize him as, The One, the instant that you met?

Skye wondered if she’d ever find Mr. Right, especially after meeting Raine.   Yet, there was something about him that peaked her interest, but even that was sketchy.  Could it have been the weird dreams she had about him that made her want more?  Or was it the fact that he seemed to walk on air?

She just wasn’t sure, in fact, she was unsure about a lot of things.  Having the powers of a witch with Autumn, her best friend ever, becoming a Werewolf due to a spell gone awry, was one problem.  Convincing Alec, King of the Vlad Vampire Clan, that she and Raine were not to blame for his lover’s death was another.  And the wolves, lead by Keme, seeking ultimate power over every immortal creature, also loomed over her head.  But a planetary alignment that would give Alec the power to vanquish every Witch on Earth, open the portal to the Underworld, and unleash every Demon onto humankind, was probably the one problem that  could destroy them all.  Skye had to work quickly alongside Raine to put an end to Alec, the war, and the wolves.

She just hoped she’d still have her Forever Friend.

I wrote a short story a LONG while back entitled Forever Friends.  It sparked the idea for this book.  While I was writing about Alec, I realized I needed a lot more than just a little back story with him.  He has inspired me to write a sequel to Forever Friends and that title will be Forever Bound.


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