About Amanda Kimberley

Amanda Kimberley, the alter ego of non-fiction author Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom, has been writing various genres for over 30 years.  Amanda prefers to keep her feet slightly off the ground while writing.  The effect helps to keep her head is in the clouds while creating fantasy worlds.

Amanda has recently finished an anthology compiled of poetry and shorts entitled The Fast Still Life which is available through Lulu.com and other retailers.  Her current works in paranormal romance have the working titles, Forever Friends, Forever Bound, and Manifestations.  She is also currently working on a contemporary romance called Down by the Willow Tree.

Join Amanda Kimberley here as she discusses her adventures with characters, plots, and scenes.  She may also discuss other matters pertaining to writing for all the authors out there as well.  And there are other times where she may go completely off topic if she is either highly caffeinated or sleep deprived.  You have been warned LOL!

For more information about the non-fiction writer Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom, please visit her blog Fibro and Fabulous or you can visit her author website KimberleyLinstruth-Beckom.com.


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