Being a Lifelong Bookworm May Keep You Sharp in Old Age

My Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 10 or so years ago when she was in the middle stages.  She is in the late stages now at 70, and given what I know about the signs and symptoms, I think she may have been in her mid to late 50’s for the first stage.  Having said that, genetically speaking, I have a 50-50 chance of developing the disease at an early age too.

This research is very promising to me.  I want to hold onto it and embrace it as much as I can.  Reading has always been a part of my life.  You could always find me reading, whether my nose is stuck in a Notebook, Netbook, or the good old fashioned book, magazine, or newspaper, I’m constantly thirsting for knowledge and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this study holds the gusto I desperately want it to hold.

By kimberleylb

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