Book Review of Stealing Buddha’s Dinner

I recently had to change my GoodReads account.  I forgot the password to the old account and had to sign up for a new one so I had lost a lot of the reviews I had done on previous books that I had read.

One in particular is called Stealing Buddah’s Dinner.  At first I was just going to rate it and leave it at that, but then I started to read some of the comments and I could tell that this book was CLEARLY misunderstood by many of the readers. 

I know many people today hate description because it’s too long and takes too much time to read.  But I for one, as a writer, happen to like it because it furthers along the theme and meaning of the book.  Here’s my take on the book:


I wasn’t going to leave a review at first because I already had with a different account that’s closed. But after reading a few of the reviews here, I reconsidered because I feel the book’s meaning is seriously misunderstood by many.

I really liked this book. I know some people have commented on the fact that there was too much description about food, but honestly, I think that was the whole point of the book!

As an American, I know I’ve taken for granted the sensationalism of our society. I honestly can’t stand advertizements anymore. I try very hard to block all of them out because I get tired of people trying to sell me something that I know will either fall apart two minutes after I get it out of the store, or not live up to the promises of the seller in some way. In other words, and I admit it, I look for perfection in products.

An immigrant doesn’t see our society lacking luster, though. They are wide-eyed with excitement about everything we take for granted and I truly believe that Bich portrayed that wide-eyed excitement through her descriptions of food very well.

Bich gave me a fresh look on America and made me feel proud and honored to be here. Well written and beautifully done!


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